Project desription

MarryBabyDay 2016

General Description

Marketing objective:
Connect offline events and online communication activities, converting user online into an event visitor through offline event for mom and baby in HCMC.
Target audience:
Moms have baby from 1 to 4 yo, who looking for learning, fun and shopping activities for kids during the summer.
Communication strategy:
Position Marry Baby Day as the mom and babies playground and also for shopping, where family members could experience exciting entertainment activities and one-stop shopping.

Project Name

Marry Baby Day 2016 HCM
Brand: Marry Baby
Scope:Marketing 360 campaign

  • 10,000 visitor joint event (KPI: 9,000)
  • Estimated¬† revenue fromselling ticket: 700¬†million vnd.
  • CPA: From ~ 7,000¬† to ~ 9,000 vnd
  • Conversion rate (online to offline):30%


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John Smith, General Manager Company Name